The Art Periodicals Database is an online platform which aims to provide an overview of the heterogeneous and global panorama of art periodical publishing. The Art Periodicals Database comprises a list of current and historical art periodicals, both commercial and non-commercial, online and offline, focused on contemporary art and criticism. All the information included has been collected through archival research, and thanks to the periodicals themselves, through interviews and email surveys they responded to.

Due to the ephemeral and continuously evolving nature of the art periodical, the database will remain a work in progress. In time, it will attempt to become as exhaustive as possible and open to research by anyone on the internet. 

The project came to life in conjunction with a similar survey conducted with the editors of ARTMargins Online journal: an interactive map which shows the networks of existence, contribution and distribution of Eastern European Art Periodicals (https://artmargins.com/artmargins-online-eastern-european-art-periodicals-map/). The collaboration with the journal has ensured that the Eastern European periodicals present in the Map will be included in the database through a link that redirects the reader to ARTMargins’ Map, directly connecting the two projects.


Editor and Founder
Camilla Salvaneschi

Associate Editor
Luigi Bagaglia

Advisory Board
Gwen Allen, San Francisco State University
Lori Cole, New York University
Meghan Forbes, Leonard A. Lauder Research Center for Modern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
Maria Fusco, University of Dundee
Cornelia Lauf, Independent curator
David Senior, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Sven Spieker, University of Santa Barbara/ARTMargins
Angela Vettese, Università Iuav di Venezia

Copy Editor
Chris Heppell

Teresa Piardi, Maxwell Studio

Web Programming
Francesco Marcuzzi